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Changzhou Yuandong Medical Equipment Factory Co., Ltd

The company, founded in 1980, is the first simulated acceptance enterprise of sterile medical device manufacturers in China. After the share restructuring in 2002, it is now called Changzhou far east medical equipment factory Co., Ltd. The company is located in Changzhou City, an economic metropolitan area in the Yangtze River Delta, close to Changzhou airport, Shanghai Nanjing Expressway and riverside expressway.

The company has a 100000 level purification plant with an area of more than 5000 square meters. Two purification workshops produce disposable syringes, infusion sets and other related medical consumables, with complete licenses and self-supporting import and export rights. The company follows the principle of quality as the way of survival and integrity as the foundation of development. The products are deeply recognized by doctors and patients at home and abroad.

The company has more than 300 employees, 68 technicians, complete testing instruments and strong technical force. At present, there are 2 sets of central air conditioning units, 15 injection molding machines, 2 sets of sterilization units, 6 sets of full-automatic assembly machines and other mechanical equipment required for production.

The company mainly produces disposable sterile products, including disposable infusion sets, disposable syringes, disposable urine bags, mercury thermometer, medical gloves, tape, ointment and other products.

The company's products are exported to Russia, Belgium, India, Kenya and many Arab countries.