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According to the properties of the solvent used in the sample and sample pretreatment of the syringe manufacturer, select the corresponding solvent that can dissolve the sample and mutually dissolve with the solvent used in sample processing. The reason is very simple. If the solvent cannot dissolve the sample, it cannot be used for cleaning; In addition, if the solvent used for washing the needle and the solvent used for sample pretreatment are not mutually soluble, the purpose of cleaning cannot be achieved, and the needle may be blocked because the two substances are not mutually soluble. We can directly use the sample pretreatment solvent as the needle washing solvent.


The normal adjustment method is to set the pipette volume from a large range to a small range. The scale can be adjusted from a small range to a large range by rotating the scale counterclockwise. When it is adjusted to exceed the set volume scale, and then back to the set volume, so as to ensure the accuracy of the pipette. Use appropriate suction head: in order to ensure better accuracy and accuracy of the pipette, it is recommended that the pipetting volume be within 35% - 100% of the range of the suction head. Pipette suction head moistening: for normal temperature samples, suction head moistening is helpful to improve the accuracy; However, for high-temperature or low-temperature samples, moistening the suction head will reduce the operation accuracy. Please pay special attention to it. Use a clean medicine spoon, measuring cylinder or dropper to take reagents. Never use the same tool to take multiple reagents continuously at the same time. After taking one reagent, clean the tool (wipe the medicine spoon dry) before using another reagent.

This method is generally used to transfer high viscosity liquid, bioactive liquid, easily foaming liquid or very small amount of liquid. Its principle is to inhale more than the set range of liquid first, and there is no need to blow out the residual liquid when transferring the liquid. First press the button to the second stop point, and slowly release the button to the origin.

When putting the pipette tips on the liquid transfer gun, many people will knock hard on the gun head box for several times. At this time, it is wrong, because this will cause the internal accessories (such as springs) of the liquid transfer gun to become loose due to the instantaneous impact force generated by knocking, and even cause the engraving adjustment knob to get stuck. The correct method for syringe manufacturers is to vertically insert the pipette gun (device) into the gun head, and rotate it slightly to make it closely combined.